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Braintrust Services

Lucky 7 Productions has some of the best directors, writers, story, animators and character people on their team. A braintrust is there to help the filmmakers by providing notes to make the product better. This process resulted in the films getting better. We also will take the notes from your projects and feed them into our custom notes system, where trends are seen. This is a great way to really focus on what to fix in your story. Whether it is a keynote speech or a full feature film, these braintrust meetings will make your stories better.

High End Animation Training

Having spent 20 years at Pixar and helping design the training for Pixar Animation interns, we can come into any production studio and get the level of work up to High End Feature Film Quality. Whether it is for Games, TV, Feature Films or VFX work we will design a curriculum and implement it for your team. Some of the clients we have worked with include:

Ubisoft, EA, Midways games, Naughty Dog, Dneg, Blizzard, and others. Due to being an employee of Pixar at the time of these workshops, we were unable to help feature units.

Story Training

Lucky Seven Productions has provided workshops and talks on storytelling for Sales Force, Deloitte, Cisco, Coca Cola, Pinterest, SV Angel Investments, AirBnB and Facebook among other companies. The workshop looks at how stories were made at Pixar and applies them to business. Feedback,
Radical Candor, Iteration and Creative Thinking are all part of the process of making great stories.