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Old Pixar Interviews

Have a listen to some of the interviews I did with Pixar artists and directors during my time at Pixar. Many are on the topics of story and character.

Spline Cast

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London News

I am currently working on a film called Ron’s Gone Wrong in London for Locksmith. Other Dneg work can be found here.

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In Montreal and Vancouver

I’m traveling to Canada Next Week.

If you are in Vancouver or Montreal the first week of March, let me know as I am going to be there for mixers and teaching. In this picture is Jason Ryan, Dave Park, Aamon Butler, Lino Dasalva and myself.

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This was a story board we did for Deloitte. Some amazing drawings.

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I had the honor of being involved with this event which I really did not understand until I went. If you love Story and all things creative… Go

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Great Lecture on Story

During my time on the film toy story 3 Michael Arnt was the guy writing the film. He was also so great at sharing his knowledge with the crew. Here are

a few great clips about Beginnings and great endings. – Enjoy!


a great video about starting your story


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Podcast with iAnimate

I had the pleasure of sitting down with two wonderful people at iAnimate, Larry Vasquez and Richard Arroyo. They asked great questions and I love what they are doing over there at ianimate!

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